Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Epson Pinter Problem

I own a printer branded Epson ME 340 which i bought from a girl almost a year ago. Actually I decided to buy an Epson's printer rather than Canon's or HP's because of my friend's recommendation. He once told me that Epson's printer is easy to use and the price of its maintainance is cheaper than Canon dan HP's one as the ink is refillable by just injecting. I once used Canon's and HP's and both were just craps. I spent a lot of money on these printers as the cartridges were always broken almost every month. This made me tired and wasted my money. It can be said that almost every month I had to buy a new cartridge because the old one cannot be used anymore even after it was refilled with ink.

Let's straight to the point. I want to talk about my Epson ME 340 printer. The ink is already run out about a month ago. The problem is the cartridge is unrefillable and this means that I have to buy a new cartridge. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law asked me yesterday does she can use the printer to print her documents. Then I replied she can't because the ink has run out and I need to buy a new one so that it can be used.

Around 5 pm, I started my bike to go to ukm first. I wanted to see what happened to the tragedy which has damaged over 20 cars as consequence of a falling tree near Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (Dectar) three days ago. When I arrived there, I saw the tragedy site was almost clear and the damaged cars have already been moved. Then instantly I went to my next destination, The Mines to buy a new black ink cartridge priced rm27 for my printer. After buying it, i went straight home. As soon as I arived at home, I tried the new cartridge. Unfortunately the printer didn't work. It said that the print process cannot be done since the 3 other 3 cartridges also has run out their ink. I felt so down, as i felt it was a worthless afford after travelling about half an hour to buy the new cartridge but at last, it still didn't work. This means that I need to buy 3 cartridges more those priced RM25 each. Allahu rabbi. I didn't have money anymore. The only money I have before had been used to buy the black ink cartridge yesterday.

I started googling about tutorial to work it out without having to replace the 3 other cartridges. At last, I found an advertisement on that sells refillable cartridge. I was so happy seeing this. Unfortunately the seller is in India, too far away. Then I tried to find that cartridge on and I found it. This means that this cartridge is available in Malaysia. I contacted the seller on first, and he told that the price is RM99. For me the price is quite expensive. So I decided to go to Low Yat Plaza because I was confident that it is cheaper there. Guess what, I was right. I found the cartridge at only RM80 and I bought it. Alhamdulillah, it works great and my printer can function as before without having to worry about the ink.


  1. Great post with nice detail. I want to Print Plastic Cards. Which printer will be the best for me?

  2. Printer refill jet problem paip pum ellakan, kerana tersumbat.remeh membazir masa