Sunday, November 11, 2012

Semakan Panggilan Temuduga KPLI J-QAF 2013

Today is 12 Novermber 2012. According to Ministry of Education, they said that the result of interview calling for KPLI J-Qaf 2012 will be out on 12th November. While I am watching a football match between Chelsea and Liverpool right now, I'm eager to know my result. Actually I do not hope much for this interview, but deep in my heart I want this so bad. Eventhough this KPLI is not my main plan for the nearest future but I really hope that i will make into the interview stage. Unfortunately the result is not out yet although it is already 1 o'clock in the morning of 12th November. The ministry did not mention clearly at what time the result will come out. Just be patient, what will happen, will happen and I hope the result will make me happy. InsyaAllah.

Eventhough this is my back-up plan besides my main plan to further study in postgraduate study, i found that this plan is quite a good option. If I make it, there will be 18 months training period before getting engaged as a permanent J-QAF teacher. And within this 18 months period, I will be given RM1300 every month as a monthly allowance. I think it is a good amount of money to live with since I am not married yet. RM1300 for eighteen months, then after that it might be double due to Grade-41 government officers rate of salary. Actually I dont really mind about the allowance or salary. The most important thing is how the profession of education is able to contribute in our Afterlife. The prophet once told that there are three things which will never expired even after we died and still be counted as goodness: they are the charities, the beneficial knowledges and the pious children.

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