Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life Is An Unexpected Journey

In the name of Allah. Praise be unto Him the Best Planner among the planners. It has been almost five to six months since my last post. My job as a lecturer has brought me to a new phase of my life. Being a lecturer makes me kind of a new person, a more confident person than before, a responsible son, an understanding educator and all I can say is Allah's plan is the best plan ever to transform me to a better person from day to day.

Six month ago, I never thought that I will be a lecturer in a private college. Being a lecturer at 23, you have no idea what i've been through. By the way, it was a funny experience which i believe you will be laughing to if you are taught by a 23 years old kid. Actually i feel proud of myself for successfully becoming a lecturer at young age. There are some funny scenes I want to share with you guys. On second day as lecturer, I was already asked to teach the diploma students. You have no idea what it felt like. I never taught adult students before, and that day I will be teaching students who are at my age. Its like having discussionwith your friends.
There were a lot of things spinning in my head. Then the time has come, and I entered the lecture room with various kind of feelings. Excited, scared, weird, proud. Then, once I entered the room, all students looked me for seconds, and they started smiling at me. I talked to myself "Why are they looking at me?". Yeah, I knew the answer. They can't believe I was the one who will be teaching them. I asked them, "Why are you smiling at me......

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